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From the studio in Cologne to the world

It all starts in the VIVI MARI studio in Cologne. This is where the sketches and designs for our products are created. Materials and patterns are discussed. Bags are optimized until we are 100% convinced in terms of style and quality.

At VIVI MARI, we attach great importance to taking time for product development and design. This is the only way we can achieve our quality standards and be sure that you will enjoy our styles for a long time.

There are many steps from the first drafts to the finished product in your hands. Steps that we take together with our partners.

From Cologne to Shanghai

When VIVI MARI founder Sophie drew the first sketches, it was already clear to her who she would entrust with the production of the first VIVI MARI collection. Over 15 years of designing and developing fashion with suppliers from all over the world have shaped Sophie. Her professional connection to Cindy is more than that, it is also the story of a friendship.

Cindy lives in Shanghai and has a lot of experience in the development of high-quality fashion & accessories. For VIVI MARI, Cindy is always on site as a contact person and coordinates production.


Social responsibility

At VIVI MARI, we attach particular importance to a partnership-based relationship with the people who manufacture according to our designs and specifications. When selecting suppliers, the lowest price is never our top priority. Much more important to us are the safety of the people, a good working atmosphere, fair wages and working hours, hygiene conditions and, of course, an absolute ban on child labor.

Our bags are produced by a small family business with fewer than 50 employees. On site in Guangzhou, it is always a highlight for us to meet the people who turn our designs into reality with such dedication.

Ecological responsibility

Our vision is to make the fashion industry a little bit better with sustainable and vegan bags - for our society and our planet. We stand by our ecological responsibility. As a company, we have the opportunity to make an impact every day. We specifically award contracts to companies that think and produce sustainably.

As a company, we are far from perfect. However, we strive every day to optimize our products and processes in order to conserve more resources. More about sustainability.


Why we manufacture in China

Sophie, founder of VIVI MARI, has seen many production facilities in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe in her career. Far too often, the conditions for employees were anything but fair. In terms of working conditions, China is further ahead than many other production countries. Wages are fairer and safety in the factories is higher. Even in China, not everything is perfect, which is why we always focus on selecting the right local partners.

Our bags are manufactured in Guangzhou, a modern metropolis of 10 million people north of Hong Kong. The region is known for its experienced manufacturers of bags and metal accessories.